An Interactive CD that Teaches How to Play Smart in the Field

"Where's the Play?"
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Whether they play youth baseball or softball, boys and girls ages 6 to 12, can learn from the situational training found in Where's The Play?®. Where's The Play? focuses on defense and strategy, helping players avoid common mental mistakes.

Where's The Play? teaches by interacting with the player. It's not a lecture. It's game-like. Youngsters learn by clicking and discovering baseball and softball principles for themselves. If they don't understand, there's always an explanation available.

Learn more about the activities in each inning of Where's The Play? by clicking on the inning icons to the left.

Coaches know that each time the ball is hit, every player on the field has a job!

Obviously, at least one player will try to field the ball. But, every other player should also be moving: to cover a base, backup the hit or a throw or play cutoff. These are the defensive fundamentals every coach expects his team to know. And that’s what Where’s The Play?® teaches:
How to play smart in the field.

Where's The Play? instructional software is an invaluable aid in building confidence and competence in young players. It will make a positive difference in how they play in the field.

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