A Perfect Companion to
Where’s The Play?®

Winning Baseball Strategies

Price: $24.95

The "Winning Baseball Strategies" video teaches many of the same principles taught in “Where’s The Play?” Get a different perspective on covering the bases, backing up hits and throws, and playing cutoff. This in-depth video will be valuable to both coaches and players.

"Winning Baseball Strategies" was produced by coach Marty Schupak as a follow up to the best selling "59 Minute Baseball Practice". The video goes into some of the best coaching strategies and philosophies used at the youth level. "Winning Baseball Strategies" is for the competitive youth baseball coach and player, and covers: cutoffs and who takes the throw, back up situations, advanced first and third defensive situations, the delayed steal and when to use it, bunting situations, pick off situations and a variety of advanced skill strategies.

This is the tape other coaches in your league don’t want you to see!

Coach Marty Schupak has been recognized by the ABCA (American Baseball Coaches Association) and his videos have been recommended by the National Alliance of Youth Sports which is the largest amateur coaching training organization in the country.


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