Teach Young Pitchers Correctly
From the Start!

Pitching Drills & Techniques

Price: $24.95

Coach Marty Schupak's newest release, "Pitching Drills & Techniques" explores some of the best drills for young players, ages 7-12 years old, who want to pitch. This video simplifies the pitching process, and includes more than 20 drills which show players the interplay of different body parts that makes up the perfect pitching motion.

This instructional video walks the player through the wind up, front leg lift, release and follow-through. Also included are important tips for the youth coach and parents on how to recognize when a young pitcher is getting tired during a game. A pitch count chart is also included which shows by age, the recommended number of pitches that can be thrown in a game and, also, the proper amount of recovery time before pitching again.

In their review of "Pitching Drills & Techniques," Video Librarian magazine said, "Itís better for a child to fully understand five concepts of good pitching than have a broad and confusing view of 20; thatís the central advice from Marty Schupak in this excellent instructional guide designed to help young ball players (between 7-12 years old) improve their form and accuracy in putting Ďem across the plate. A fine primer for young players, their parents, and local coaches, this is highly recommended."

"Pitching Drills & Techniques" is a must for any youth baseball coach or parent of aspiring young pitchers.


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