The #1 Coaching Video for Youth Baseball

The 59 Minute Baseball Practice

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"The 59 Minute Baseball Practice" has been called "the bible of baseball instructional tools". The video contains over 30 easy to follow drills on hitting, pitching, first and third strategies, and baserunning drills. It is now required by some leagues for coaches and parents.

The "59 Minute Baseball Practice" video was created by Coach Marty Schupak. After extensive research, he modified and improved many drills so a high quality practice can be run in under one hour (59 Minutes). The video took two years to complete, and represents twelve years of knowledge on how to run an effective practice.

Informative, coherent, and easy to follow this video introduces each drill systematically. Each starts with a picture of a baseball diamond with icons representing each player in their initial position. This intuitive presentation makes it easy for both the parent and coach to use with his or her players.

One of the greatest challenges for youth baseball coaches is to create fun exercises for their team. They donít want to waste valuable practice time is by having the team do one exercise for too long. In "59 Minute Baseball Practice," Coach Schupak presents a terrific collection of drills geared for youth coaches, parents, and school coaches. These drills make practices more interesting and enjoyable, and keep teams involved and motivated through the entire practice.

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