Punch Up Your Offense with These Creative Drills

Baserunning & Bunting Drills

Price: $24.95

In the "Baserunning & Bunting Drills" DVD, nationally known youth baseball coach Marty Schupak addresses two of the most underrated and under-coached skills in youth baseball: baserunning and bunting.

Baserunning is a crucial skill that is rarely practiced on the youth level. Proper baserunning fundamentals will increase scoring opportunities in games and improve the concentration of young ballplayers (7-12 years old) when they're on the bases. They will be ready for all situations. Baserunning skills covered include sliding and running techniques, as well as more advanced techniques, such as the delayed steal, tagging up, and reading signs.

Bunting learned at an early age will improve both team and individual play. The creative bunting drills in this video allow young athletes to achieve success while learning a valuable "small ball" strategy in the sport. Coach Schupak teaches different types of bunting techniques, such as the square bunt and the pivot bunt, while always keeping the explanations simple and direct.

Finally, the video puts it all together and demonstrates a number of strategies that combine both baserunning and bunting. This program illustrates why baseball is called "a game of inches." By incorporating these techniques in the game, youngsters will achieve more success on the field and build their level of confidence. This video also includes drills for the backyard and bonus tips.


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