1. What computers will run Where's The Play?®

    WTP runs on PCs up to and including Windows 7.
    WTP runs on Macs up to and including OS10.6 Snow Leopard
    NOTE: WTP will not run on Mac OS 10.7 Lion
    or OS 10.8 Mountain Lion.

  2. What's the best age for Where's The Play?®

    The best ages are 6 to 10, but it depends on the child. While advanced 10 year-olds might find it too simple, 11 and 12 year-olds find value in some of the more advanced concepts such as backing up hits and throws and playing cutoff.

    We have had a number of older players let us know the program helped them and their teams review and reinforce defensive concepts.

  3. What are people saying about Where's The Play?®

    Click here to find out: What People Are Saying

  4. How long does it take to ship?

    Orders received after 1pm Eastern time may not be shipped until the following day. Friday orders received after 1pm Eastern time may not ship until the following Monday. No shipments will be made on holidays.

    Orders usually ship within 24 hours (not over weekends or holidays). Mail orders should arrive within 7 to 10 days. UPS Ground shipping arrives in 1 to 6 days depending on your area. Click here for the UPS delivery map. FedEx Standard arrives the next day by late afternoon. FedEx Standard shipped on Friday will not arrive until the following Monday. FedEx orders may require a signature at time of delivery. Please note: Shipping days do not include weekend days or holidays.

  5. Are there team or league rates?

    Yes. Click here for details: Team/League Rates


  6. My computer says I don't have an original disc. What's going on?

    Where's the Play?® is copy protected. One of two things may have happened. You may be using a CD copied from an original. Copies won't work. If you try to use Where's The Play?® on a networked computer, it will not play unless you are signed on as the Administrator.

  7. The program doesn't start automatically. What can I do?

    For PCs: Double-click the My Computer icon, a window will open showing more icons. Look for the CD-ROM drive icon. It's usually D: or E: and will say WTP. Double-click this icon. Another window will open. Double-click the Start_PC.exe icon and the program will start.

    For Macs: Double-click the CD-ROM WTP icon that appears on the desktop, then double-click the Start_MAC icon and the program will start.

  8. I'm hearing multiple sounds. What's going on?

    Some computers take as long as a minute or more to start automatically. Please wait for this to happen. If you try to start the program manually by clicking the Start_PC.exe or Start_MAC icon, you may inadvertently start the program twice which will result in improper operation. If this has happened, shut down the computer and start over.

  9. The image goes off my computer's screen and I can't see all of it. What can I do?

    The screen resolution must be set to 800 by 600. Here's how you do it.

    On PCs: Click on the Start button and select Settings and then across to Control Panel. When the window opens, double-click on the Display icon and another window will open. Click on the Settings tab along the top of the window. In the bottom right you'll see an area labeled "Screen area." Click on and move the slider until 800 by 600 appears. Now click OK and then click OK again and finally click Yes and your screen is reset.

    On Macs: Click on the Apple Menu icon in the upper left corner of your screen. Pull down to the Control Panels selection and across to the Monitors and Sound choice. When the window opens, you'll see an area on the right labeled Resolution. Chose 800 x 600. The screen will go black for a moment and then return. Close the window and your screen is reset.

  10. The audio won't play or I get a strange error message. What now?

    Sometimes with older computers and very new computers the operating systems have available updates. If you are experiencing problems not described above you might want to try a WindowsUpdate (for PCs only). This is a free service offered by Microsoft that automatically updates your computer's operating system. You can link to WindowUpdate by clicking: http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/ Follow the instructions on that page.

  11. WindowsXP doesn't run the program very well. Help!

    If you’re having problems with WindowsXP you should first run a WindowsUpdate (see #9 above). If that doesn't solve the problem, try adjusting the Compatibility Mode. To do this: 1) Double-click on the My Computer icon on the desktop. When its box opens, 2) Find the WTP icon next to the d: e: or f: and double-click it. When the next box opens, 3) Find the Start_PC.exe icon, put the cursor over it and right-click on it. 4) Select Properties and left-click on it. 5) Click on the Compatibility tab along the top of the box and 6) Left-click on Windows98. 7) Left-click on OK.
    You must go through this procedure every time you run the program.
    Click here to learn more about the Compatibilty Mode.

For other questions, please call Customer Service toll-free at 1-888-937-7638.


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