Coaches: Where's The Play? reinforces what you teach. Never contradicts! Builds mental agility; reduces mistakes. Think what happens when your whole team plays smart in the field! Great for working with teams on rainy days or when field time is limited.

Where's The Play?® makes an excellent fundraiser for your league. There is special pricing for teams and leagues for orders between 10 and 49 copies, and for orders of 50 or more.

Call Customer Service toll-free for pricing at 1-888-937-7638.

We have two-color promotional flyers available at no cost for inclusion with team and/or league mailings. Please call Customer Service to order your copies. The toll-free number is 1-888-937-7638.

When we designed Where's The Play? our intention was that kids would use it individually. We've heard from a number of coaches that they are using it with their teams. We'd appreciate any feedback from coaches describing how they've used the program and its effect on their team. We'll post some of those here in the future. Is there any interest in a simple booklet for coaches that would summarize some of these experiences? Please email us at contact at wherestheplay dot com to let us know.

Here's what some coaches have told us:

"Very good learning tool that gives you practical situations that come up over and over again in Little League as well as other youth league situations. Extremely easy to go through. The interactive aspect is terrific and my kids stay at this thing like it is a video game. Baseball purists will get a great kick out of this. I can think of some real major league teams that can use this item."

"I played the one CD I received yesterday, and I think it's great ! Not only for the kids but for the coaches as well. Most of our coaches, as in most leagues, are just parents and I'm sure they, too, can learn from 'Where's The Play'. I've been coaching Little League for 12 years at all levels, and I didn't score real high playing 'Where's The Play' the first time. I learned a few things. Thanks for a great product, I'm sure these CDs will get passed around a lot! Among the kids and the adults."
- Parent/Coach

"I bought Where's the Play for my boy and after he played it one time I was amazed with what he had learned in such a short time. I will promote this item to all my players as it is a great tool for all kids wanting to learn how to be a great fielder."

"I thought your software was excellent. I showed it to many of my coaches and they concurred. This can help players become better while still being fun."
- League President

"Takes the guess work out of where a player should back up or throw to on a Little League team. One of the best interactive tools I've seen. Useful for parents, coaches and players. Players and coaches should review the options then go on the field and have fun! This is a must for anyone involved in youth baseball."

"Any coach who is looking for a tool to put the mental game in the minds of little players can't go wrong with this fun CD."
- Coach

"I have recommended your CD to all my players' parents. For my money, this is the best, off field, baseball teaching tool available."
- Parent/Coach

"I think this is great! The CD is marvelous. I've had our whole team over playing it together. It has increased my son's field awareness 150%! Great product."
- Parent/Coach

"Nice for that rainy day when the team has to go inside. It gets the boys really thinking. It reinforces what I've been teaching for years."
- Coach

"I'm a grandfather of little leaguers and a 40 year coach at every amateur level. Field practice time is scarce and precious. By the time you cover batting practice and infield/outfield there isn't much time to work on 'situations.' Your CD provides the opportunity for players at every age level to do 'their homework' on this most important aspect of the game in a fun way at their leisure. My grandsons love it. They said it's the best present I ever gave them."
- Grandparent/Coach

"It's one of the best teaching software aides I've seen. It's all the basics that can't be taught or stressed enough at this early age until they are second nature."
- Coach


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